Backyard Chassis

Backyard Chassis is a new improvising trio, consisting of Corey Mwamba on vibes, wooden flute, zithers, glockenspiel and other instruments, Johnny Hunter on drums and Adam Fairhall on prepared Hohner Pianet T, Indian harmonium, and prepared toy piano. We play improvised music that ranges from busy energy ‘blowing’ to delicate music that sounds like an imaginary folk tradition. Timbre and texture are very important to the trio, and the keyboards used are mechanical instruments, with the pianet being prepared using springs, clips and chains to produce a range of percussive sonorities. The toy piano, too, is prepared, using magnets and felt. The instruments used by Adam and Corey are rare in this kind of music, and provide a rich and evocative palette for improvising.

Please click  on the following link to hear the first part of our set at Fusebox, Leeds, in June 2014: