Imaginary Delta also appeared on a couple of other ‘Best of’ lists…

The Imaginary Delta also placed at #63 on eMusic’s Best Albums of 2012. Here’s what they had to say:

On The Imaginary Delta, pianist and composer Adam Fairhall speaks with a forward-thinking attitude of innovation while channeling the voice of jazz’s past. A traditional rag becomes a futuristic avant-garde deconstruction. The use of effects and turntables enhance, rather than preclude, the expression of a soulful blues. A blowing session doesn’t miss a beat with the incorporation of sampling. Fairhall has united these disparate elements to create a remarkably engaging album of… both scope and vision, and is vivid evidence of the strength represented by a new generation of UK jazz musicians.              

4 stars.

The album also got an Honorable Mention on Ted Gioia’s Best of 2012 list. Gioia is a well-known American historian of jazz and blues; I remember finding his book The History of Jazz in the uni library many years ago and really getting into it. His book Delta Blues is great too. So I love the fact that he listened to our album and dug it.