The Spirit Farm

The Spirit Farm is a new six-piece group of innovative young improvisers, consisting of:

Adam Fairhall: piano, prepared Hohner Pianet T, prepared toy piano, indian harmonium.

Corey Mwamba: vibes, wooden flute, glockenspiel, zither, kalimba, etc.

Christophe de Bezenac: saxophone.

Dave Kane: bass.

Anton Hunter: guitar.

Johnny Hunter: drums.

The Spirit Farm bring quick instincts, an impressive shared understanding and a wealth of idiomatic approaches to the music. The musicians build on the achievements of previous generations of improvisers in fascinating ways; the upside-down use of the bass bow, often heard in free improv, might be used here to beat out a haunting riff like a 21st century diddley bow, or the post-cage piano preparations so common among free pianists might here be applied to a vintage tine piano.

In addition to full-band numbers which can reach stunning climaxes, the group explore smaller combinations, such as duos and trios, ensuring a constantly varied listening experience.

The Spirit Farm recorded a live album in March 2014, which will be released on SLAM in 2015. Please look out for news of its release, and click on the link below to listen to a sample track.