The Markov Chain

The Markov Chain is a new trio with Adam on piano, Tim Fairhall on bass and British Free Music legend Paul Hession on drums. The trio play freely improvised music. Their debut performance was at the Manchester Jazz Festival 2013, a gig that received an excellent review by Mike Butler, who wrote:

This was the orgiastic, earth-shaking, cacophonous real deal, with none of the mimsy “I don’t feel ready for this yet” reticence that besets so much homegrown free jazz… The hour passed too quickly. I loved it.

The full review can be found on Mike’s website at:

The trio released their eponymous  debut album in September 2014 on Bruce’s Fingers, Simon Fell’s excellent label.

The link below takes you the album page of Bruce’s Finger’s Bandcamp site, where you can listen to the first three tracks and buy the album.